Preventive maintenance is a key component to keeping your equipment in top condition.  Along with routine operator inspections, a periodic maintenance visit can avert costly damage and down time when your equipment is needed most.  With our thorough inspection we will assure you that your equipment is in compliance with all of OSHA requirements.  All of our surveyors are accredited with OSHA and have extension knowledge so you can rest assure that your investment is protected.

The Sanderson Group, Inc. offers services related to the inspection and certification of crane, hoist and heavy equipment.  We are approved and accredited by the U.S. Department of Labor (Occupational Safety & Health Administration) to provide the services below to your company.

The Sanderson Group, Inc. inspectors will determine the condition of your equipment by making a physical inspection, observing functional performance and load testing.  Detailed documentation is prepared for each piece of equipment inspected.  Among the documentation, we provide one or more of the following reports for your company and operation.


  • *DOL/OSHA Maritime Annual & Quad Inspections

  • In-House Crane & Heavy Equipment Inspections

  • Daily/Weekly/Monthly Inspections

  • NDT Testing (Mag Particle & Dye Penetration)

  • Steel Thickness Gauge Testing

  • Barge Stability Reports

  • Crane/Hoist Hook Inspections

  • Equipment Load Testing

*Annual & Quads performed on cranes and heavy equipment falling under the DOL/OSHA Maritime guidelines.